My name is Ram Rachum, and I'm a software developer based in Israel, specializing in the Python programming language.

This is my personal blog. I write about technology, programming, Python, and any other thoughts that come to my mind.

I'm sometimes available for freelance work in Python and Django. My expertise is in developing a product from scratch.

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28th September 2014


Another silly Python riddle

Do you think of yourself as an experienced Python developer? Do you think you know Python’s quirks inside and out? Here’s a silly riddle to test your skills.

Observe the following Python code:

    def f(x):
        return x == not x

The question is: What will the call f(None) return?

Think carefully and try to come up with an answer without running the code. Then check yourself :)

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23rd August 2014


Observational comedy and tickling

I had a nice thought today.

I was thinking about comedy; about what makes people laugh. It’s something I think about a lot, especially that what makes people laugh the most is when you’re being your genuine self, and not apologizing about it.

I was thinking about what is called observational comedy. It’s the kind of comedy Seinfeld became famous for; it’s candid observations about everyday life that we all experience but never talk about. If you’ve ever seen one of Jerry Seinfeld’s standups on his shows, you know what I’m talking about. Here are a few random observations of his:

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10th July 2014


Fun with etymology

In Hebrew, we have an expression ”radiophonic voice”. If someone has a radiophonic voice, it means they have a pleasant voice and good diction, much like a radio announcer would. 

image This expression makes sense to me, and I was kinda surprised when I learned that it didn’t exist in English.

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10th June 2014



I needed to buy coconut milk.

I went into the nature store that’s on the ground floor of the apartment building that I live in. Since it’s in the same building I live in, and I like buying natural foods, I tend to buy a lot in this store; I always say hi to the cashiers who work there, and they usually give me a discount.

As I was picking the can of coconut milk and getting ready to pay, I took a look at the impressive variety of roasted nuts that’s on display between me and the cashier. Among them were pistachios.

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