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10th October 2011


Deadline for GarlicSim 0.7 cancelled

Just when I finished one contract job and thought that I finally had time for some serious work on GarlicSim, I got a new contract job.

Since the deadline for the GarlicSim 0.7 release has been postponed so many times, I’m just going to cancel the deadline altogether. Sorry for the disappointment.

I’m angry at myself for not making the deadlines, but on the other hand I’m happy about having a bunch of contract jobs. This will allow me to spend a lot of time on GarlicSim later on. My contract jobs have already allowed me to do a bunch of upgrades and improvements of my work environment (from hardware upgrades, through time-saving AutoHotKey scripts, to ergonomic upgrades), and that really helps me be more productive, both in my contract work and my open-source work.

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