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7th October 2012


AeroFS is x87 faster than Dropbox in LAN syncing [Video]

I’m a long-time paying user of Dropbox, and for a few months now I’m also a beta user of the competing AeroFS service. Both services are excellent and revolutionary. But I’m frustrated with how slow Dropbox’s LAN sync is. When I put a file on my Dropbox on my desktop computer, I expect it to appear in my Dropbox on my laptop very quickly. But Dropbox takes a really long time to transfer the file, probably because it’s trying to first transfer it to the Dropbox servers instead of directly to my laptop. AeroFS, on the other hand, does it much faster, probably because the transfer is done directly.

In this video I’ve measured and compared the time it takes Dropbox and AeroFS to transfer an 8.5 Megabyte file from my desktop to my laptop. Dropbox took 12:28 minutes, while AeroFS took only 00:08 seconds. AeroFS is x87 faster than Dropbox in moving a file over the LAN.

Watch the video (and pardon my accent):


Why am I posting this?

Dropbox is one of the best cloud services out there, and I really hope that they understand just how frustrating their LAN Sync feature is. I’m sure that they can figure out a way to do LAN transfers as fast as AeroFS does them. (Or at least not x87 slower!)

I am not affiliated with AeroFS in any way— I’m just a fan of their service, and of course, there are many aspects in which Dropbox is better than AeroFS.

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