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7th February 2013


First phishing attempt that targets Israeli bank

Over the years I’ve gotten thousands of phishing attempts to my mailbox, but now for the first time I get one that’s masquerading as an Israeli bank, Bank Leumi:


The copy looks surprisingly good. To those of you who don’t read Hebrew, it’s pretty standard stuff: Due to some unspecified security problems, we need you to give us all of your secret banking information, kthxbye.

But of course, if the lack of punctuation marks didn’t give this away as a phishing attempt, the link to surely does.

That webpage, intended to collect the victim’s personal banking information, also looks surprisingly legit:


Of course, the domain doesn’t belong to Bank Leumi, so there’s no doubt that this is a scam. The link to Verisign simply links to the certificate for Leumi’s actual website.

All in all, a well executed scam.

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