My name is Ram Rachum, and I'm a software developer based in Israel, specializing in the Python programming language.

This is my personal blog. I write about technology, programming, Python, and any other thoughts that come to my mind.

I'm sometimes available for freelance work in Python and Django. My expertise is in developing a product from scratch.

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4th September 2011


Quick riddle

Here’s a quick riddle:

You owe your friend two Dollars. You have a $5 bill, but your friend has only a $1 coin for change.

What would be a fair way to settle your debt that would not require you to get more change?

Answer: You toss the coin. If you win, you don’t give your friend anything. If your friend wins, you give him the $5 and he gives you back $1, so he gets $4. His expectation is $4 * 1/2 = $2, which is exactly fair.

Thanks for all the people who posted their answers in the comments!

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